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General Muoro is the secondary antagonist in Castle in the Sky. Muoro is a general in the army and is Colonel Muska's subordinate. Muoro is voiced by Ichiro Nagai in the Japanese version, Mike Reynolds in the Streamline English version, and Jim Cummings in the Disney English version.


Muoro is a stocky, bald man with a thick, grey mustache and heavy, dark eyebrows. He always wears his military uniform and has two medals pinned to his chest.


Muoro is abrasive and aggressive, and he likes being in control. He resents Muska's authority over the army and the Laputa project, and he is sometimes suspicious of Muska's actions, such as Muska's methods of dealing with Sheeta after her capture.


General Muoro was first seen at a conference in a military base. After Sheeta and Pazu are captured, Muoro urges Muska to interrogate Sheeta to learn the location of Laputa. Later, Muoro and his soldiers board the Goliath military airship to attack the recovered Laputan robot in the army's fortress. Muoro flies the Goliath up to Laputa and attempts to wrest control of the island from Muska, who opens the floor of Goliath's deck and causes Muoro and the soldiers to fall to their deaths.