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Nago (ナゴ) or Nago no Kami (ナゴの守, meaning Nago the Guardian) is a boar god and the leader of the Boar clan in Princess Mononoke. He was turned into a Demon God after being shot by Lady Eboshi whilst fighting the humans under her. He is later killed by Ashitaka with his arrows. When Nago's curse touched Prince Ashitaka, it cursed him as well, dooming Ashitaka to die slowly from the mark lest he sought help.


Nago has brown fur and light green eyes. As a demon, Nago resembles a giant spider with worms crawling over him and red eyes.


Nago was the leader of a nearby boar clan who fought off human advances from Irontown as they sought to encroach on the mountainside. Initially, Nago met with success and the humans were unable to establish operations or excavate the mountainside for iron ore due to Nago and the boars' attacks.

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However, the tables were turned when Lady Eboshi and her riflemen arrived, putting a stop to Nago and the boar clan's campaign. During the battle, Nago was shot by Eboshi and left with a ball of iron within his flesh. The iron slowly began corrupting him, and when coupled with Nago's rage and fear of death - Nago became a Demon God and rampaged along the countryside until arriving after some time to Ashitaka's village.

During a heated battle in which Ashitaka attempted to plead with Nago for mercy on his tribe, Ashitaka slew Nago by firing arrows into his eye and skull. During the altercation, Nago cursed Ashitaka with the mark that would eventually see him expelled from his village.

Despite the Wise-Woman of Ashitaka's village promising funeral rites for Nago, the boar died with hatred and regret in his heart. With his dying words, he promised the humans a similar fate to that which he and his boars had suffered.

Nago's death and transformation into a Demon God had a profound impact on the remainder of the boar clan, who were seemingly now under the command of Lord Okkoto. The surviving boars were adamant to destroy Irontown and the loss of Nago's boar tribe at Irontown starts the events in Princess Mononoke.


Disgusting little creatures. Soon, all of you will feel my hate, and suffer as I have suffered!
—Nago's last words to Ashitaka's people.