The Ohmu are giant creatures in Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. They are friends of Nausicaä.


Ohmu are enormous, pillbug-like insects with green shells and multiple eyes who are both very strong and sensitive. Their shells are very precious and the opening scene in the film shows Nausicaa coming across an Ohmu shell, which can be used for making tools and weapons in The Valley of The Wind. When the Ohmu are calm, their eyes are a peaceful blue, however, when they are enraged, their eyes go red, and they begin to stampede. If something attacks the jungle, the Ohmu will charge, thousands of them across the land and destroy everything in their wake. They did this thousands of years before Nausicaa, and once they died of exhaustion from charging day and night, the beginnings of the Toxic Jungle grew from them and spread. They attacked the capital city of Pegite too, and destroyed everything, including themselves. In the end, Nausicaa was able to stop them from flattening the Valley of the Wind.


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