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Okkoto (乙事主 Okkoto-Nushi) is a character from Princess Mononoke. Okkoto has the ability to see the past by sniffing someone's arm, as he did so on Ashitaka's arm to see Nago's death.

In film[]

Okkoto is an old boar god that took over Nago's place. Lord Okotto was blind and he and his warriors attempted an attack on the humans. After hearing that Nago the Boar God of the forest had become a demon and killed by Ashitaka he didn't kill him but knew right away that he was the one who killed Nago and thanked him. When asking him how to lift the curse Okotto told Ashitaka to leave the forest or he would kill the Prince himself. Before he left, Moro tried to reason with Boar god by explaining that the humans have weapons that can kill them. However he tells her he and hs boars will not become animals hunted for meat or made to laugh at. All of his warriors died, and he got severely injured. Princess Mononoke a.k.a San guided him through a forest where human warriors disguised as Lord Okotto's own warriors snuck towards him and injected a piece of iron into him and left, effectively turning him into a demon. His life is then taken away by the Forest Spirit.


  • According to Ghibli Official, Okkotonushi and Moro were once lovers until 100 years ago.[1]
  • Kanji letters for Hisaya Morishige's name (森繁久彌) literally means "forest will prosper more and more for forever".
  • Morishige also voiced the elder of Ashitaka's village. Both of Okkoto and the elder bear several resemblances in the backgrounds as they both hold grudges against Yamato people, and Emishi and Tatari-Gami are refernces to Tsuchigumo.