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Osono (おソノ , Osono) is a baker and proprietor of Gütiokipänjä, as seen in the film, Kiki's Delivery Service. She is married to Fukuo, a fellow baker. She is played by Keiko Toda in the Japanese version, Alexandra Kenworthy in Streamline dub and Tress MacNeille in the 1998 Disney version.


Osono is a kind and likable baker, and allows Kiki to stay in the attic of her home. She is heavily pregnant and is expecting a baby sometime soon. She becomes concerned when Kiki undergoes depression and loses her powers.


Osono has ginger and dark brown hair, Thin eyebrow's, she wear a white apron, Green dress and red earrings in her ears. She wears a white apron and a simple green dress.

Behind the Scenes

According to character designer Katsuya Kondō, "I didn't want her to fat the way she was in the original, so she looks slimmer. She seems strong-willed, sort of like actress Mayumi Ogawa in her youth."[1]




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