Peter is the secondary protagonist in the film Mary and the Witch's Flower.


Peter has dirty blonde hair with piercing blue eyes, and pale skin. The front half of his hair is longer than the back, and the bottom of his partially shaved underneath.  Peter has a blue baseball jacket with white sleeves, along with a single horizontal red band down the center of the wrist, bottom, and neck cuffs. He wears olive green pants that are rolled up to his ankles, and plain, brown shoes. He sometimes uses his jacket as a pouch to put his cats inside. Peter can also sometimes be seen in a backwards red hat.

SPOILER WARNING: In his transformed state (under the effect of the Fly by Night,) he grows noticeably larger and 'grown up.' His hair grows long and blue, and he sprouts large, iridescent wings. This only lasts a short while, however, when his is engulfed in a glob of blue magic goop from the flower.


Peter is generally a witty, kindhearted kid. He seems to like helping out, being the "delivery boy" of the neighborhood. He typically tries to act brave when it comes to something he's scared of doing, and is a sweet boy. When he was first shown, he was laughing at Mary's clumsiness, but tried to help her out a couple times afterwards. He is also shown to be helpful and selfless, as seen by wanting to ease his family's burden and sacrificing himself for Mary.


Peter's family is implied to be very busy and stressed, as evidenced by his desire to ease his family's burden and help out.


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