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Portable Airport (ポータブル空港 , Pōtaburu Kūkō) is a single by CAPSULE whose music video was directed by Yoshiyuki Momose animated by Studio Kajino. The song was released on a vinyl record for ¥1,365 by the now-defunct Contemode label on May 19, 2004.

The music video premiered in theaters alongside Hideaki Anno's live-action adaptation of Cutie Honey on May 29, 2004. It is the first in a SF trilogy, which includes, Space Station No. 9 and A Flying City Plan.


Side A

  • Pōtaburu Kūkō (P.M. 21 mix) (ポータブル空港; Portable Airport)
  • Uchuu Elevator (feat. EeL) (宇宙エレベーター; Outer Space Elevator)

Side B

  • Ocean Blue Sky Orange
  • Super Scooter Happy (feat. Sonic Coaster Pop)


Portable Airport is the third single released by the electronic duo CAPSULE and its producer Yasutaka Nakata as part of the popular analog series. The single's name is just the English translation of the title song Pōtaburu Kūkō. The title song is also the first of three songs to have a short animated film (PV) made with Yoshiyuki Momose of Studio Kajino.

It was premiered in theatres before the live-action movie Cutie Honey. The normal version of Pōtaburu Kūkō plus all the other tracks are featured on the album S.F. Sound Furniture.

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