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The Radish Spirit is a minor character in the animated film Spirited Away. His name in the Japanese version is Oshira-sama (お白様, lit. "Great White Lord").


The Radish Spirit is a hefty, slow-moving spirit with a build like that of a sumo wrestler. He has two large appendages extending down from the sides of his face, and is covered from head-to-toe in white fur. He wears an upturned sake bowl on his head and a red Etchū fundoshi. Without a spoken role, The Radish Spirit has no visible mouth, because he grumbles and laughs like Santa Claus.


Radish Spirit.jpg

The Radish Spirit first appears while disembarking from the ferry, when Chihiro Ogino's body starts to become transparent at nightfall. After meeting Kamajī, Chihiro is led by Lin through the bathhouse to get to Yubaba's top floor. They come across the Radish Spirit, who indicates that he wants to use the elevator they are in. Lin politely tells him that he will need to take another elevator, as the one they were using was unable to go any higher. He follows Chihiro and Lin, since they happened to be going to the same place. Lin tells Chihiro not to pay attention to him, presumably because he seemed ill-tempered. In the next elevator, he helps to hide Chihiro from a suspicious bathhouse worker. After Chihiro exits the elevator, she exchanges bows with him as the doors close.

The Radish Spirit is among those celebrating after Chihiro cleanses the River Spirit, and is seen once more after Chihiro completes her final test at the end of the film.


  • The Radish Spirit's Japanese name, Oshira-sama, is also the name of a kami of agriculture in the Shinto faith.