The Radish Spirit is a character in the Japanese animated film Spirited Away. He is also named Oshira-sama. Due to his size, he is a slow-moving spirit.

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The Radish Spirit first appears briefly while disembarking from the ferry when Chihiro Ogino's body starts to become see-through, soon after the first nightfall of the movie. He has a red sake bowl on his head is that a sumo .


As Chihiro is being led by Lin through the bathhouse to get to Yubaba's top floor soon after Kamajī's first appearance, they pass by the Radish Spirit, who grumbles that he wants to use the elevator they are in. Lin politely tells him that he will need to take another elevator to go up any higher than the floor he was on, as the one they were using was unable to go any higher. He follows Chihiro and Lin, since they happen to be going to the same place. Lin tells Chihiro not to pay attention to him, presumably because he is not particularly liked among the other spirits. Even so, he then helps to hide Chihiro in the elevator from a suspicious bathhouse worker. After Chihiro leaves the elevator, they exchange a bow, and the elevator doors close.

The Radish Spirit is not seen again until after Chihiro cleanses the unnamed River Spirit, and then for the last time after Chihiro completes her final test at the end of the movie.

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