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The Red Gate is the entrance to the Clock Tower. Through the gate, the Ogino family arrives at the Deserted Town.


The Red Gate is protected by two-faced Dousojin stone statues. A little further away are small houses for kami (spirits). The outer walls of the gate are painted red, and the façade is done in the Kawagoe style. A tunnel leads to the Clock Tower, which in turn leads to the Deserted Town.


After the Chihiro has safely gone through the gate and so has left the magic land, she finds the tunnel entrance now appears to be built of stone instead of red plaster and overgrown by plants. Even the face of the Dousojin statue is no longer recognizable and covered by moss. The change is likely the result of the gateway being disenchanted after Chihiro had broken the curse and the entrance now is shown in a "real world" form.