Since my skill is fortune telling, I can handle anything... I tell fortunes about love. And what exactly is your skill?

Senior Witch.jpeg

The Senior Witch is a young witch Kiki meets on her way to Koriko. She is quite conceited and judgemental, but not wholly unkind.



Senior Witch is possibly 13 years old like Kiki. She has light brown hair with two plaits and teal eyes. She wears a purple dress, two heart-shaped gold earrings and a red necklace. Her broomstick is brown and she flies with a black cat with radiant green eyes and a lantern.


While flying, Kiki meets her and finds out that she had just completed her witch training and returning home. As she flies down to a town, Kiki decides to fly towards a different place where the senior witch didn't live like Koriko.

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