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Shiki-Jitsu (式日 lit. Ritual Day or Ceremonial Day) is a live-action film directed by Hideaki Anno and released on December 7, 2000. It was produced by Studio Kajino, an affiliate of Studio Ghibli.

It had a special screening at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum due to its use of a 35mm format film.


The film tells the story of a director, played by independent filmmaker Shunji Iwai, who meets an odd young woman, played by Ayako Fujitani, who wrote the novella Tohimu the film is based upon. The story takes place over a period of 33 days. These two characters try to work their way out of a collective emotional funk.

Behind the Scenes

The screenplay is an adaption by Hideaki Anno and Ayako Fujitani of Fujitani's novella Touhimu, which was inspired by an emotionally difficult time spent in Los Angeles during her work in her father's 1998 film, The Patriot. The film was shot in Yamaguchi, the hometown of director Anno.

Shiki-Jitsu won an award for Best Artistic Contribution at the 13th International Film Festival in Tokyo.

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