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Shirou Mizunuma is the tritagonist in From Up on Poppy Hill. He is student council president of Conan School and friend of Umi Matsuzaki and Shun Kazama.

Role in the story

Shirou is the student council president and a very intelligent "genius" student. He, along with Shun, is part of the school's journalism club and publishes the school's newspaper at the Quartier Latin.

During the events of the movie, Shirou displays his cunningness and intelligence to support the Quartier Latin students whether it's hiding the student's debate from the principal or figuring out a way to save the Quartier Latin from being demolished. In addition, he slowly grows a relationship with Umi's sister, Sora Matsuzaki, as shown where the two are always hanging out together.


Shirou has brown hair and he wears a pair of rectangular glasses for his everyday attire. For his school attire, he wears a standard blue uniform, a blue school cap, a pair of long blue jeans, and a pair of black shoes. For his casual attire, he wears a blue turtleneck sweater and a pair of brown jeans.


Shirou is an easy-going person who speaks more than a few words. Despite this, Shirou is an intelligent person who is quite cunning with himself as evident where he and his friends sang the school anthem to hide the student's debate on saving the Quartier Latin from the school's principal. His other personality has him being quite kind to others even being grateful towards Umi and her friends who came to help in restoring the Quartier Latin to save it from being demolished.