You gave me the courage to live. Arrietty, you're a part of me now. I'll never forget you, ever.

Sho, known as Shawn in the US dub, is the male lead of The Secret World of Arrietty.

Shawn is a sick boy who has a rheumatic fever and needs medicine, which is given by his aunt Sadako Maki. He has heart conditions that cause him to not be able to do what other boys at his age do.

At the beginning of the film, he and his aunt are on their way to her home for him to relax and be in peace as he has an operation in a few days, but he believes that it is hopeless until he meets Arrietty.


Shawn is shown to be quiet and very polite. However, he is initially listless and pessimistic about his operation as he has no will to live, thinking that every living person will die eventually and he also has a low chance of survival from the operation.

This changes when he meets Arrietty, he is inspired and amazed by her perseverance and strong will in rescuing her mother and thus gains the will to live on. It is shown in the very beginning of the film that he survives the operation as he is reminiscing the time he met Arrietty.

Voice actors

Shawn was voiced by Ryūnosuke Kamiki in Japanese, Tom Holland in the 2011 dub, and in Disney's David Henry.


Shawn has navy blue/black hair and brown eyes. He wears a white shirt and blue trousers, and is also seen wearing pajamas in the movie when it is his bedtime.


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