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Space Station No. 9 is a single by CAPSULE whose music video was directed by Yoshiyuki Momose, animated by Studio Kajino and produced by Yamaha Music Communications. The music video premiered in April 2005.

It is the second entry in a SF trilogy which includes, A Flying City Plan and Portable Airport.


The single Space Station No. 9 was part of the album NEXUS-2060 by CAPSULE (a duo said to reflect a post-Pizzicato Five music landscape), first released on February 09, 2005. According the album's liner notes, its been described as a "conceptual album set in 2060", when the first space resort station "space station No.9" named <NEXUS-2060> was completed. The tracks in the album are said to be for flight or for driving, "filled with action and a love story, a fantasy that unfolds a world of longing that you would see in a movie!"[1]

The music video, directed by Yoshiyuki Momose, animated by Studio Kajino, features a young fashion fan who gets her revenge on the super model who hit her while shopping on the glorious Space Station No. 9. Momose met CAPSULE producer Yasutaka Nakata through Toshio Suzuki, who was first recommended by Shinji Aramaki while producing Appleseed in the early 2000s.[2]


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