Spirited Away OST (OST being short for "Original Sound Track") is the original soundtrack for the Japanese animated film Spirited Away composed by Joe Hisaishi and performed by the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. Next to the original soundtrack an image album was released by Joe Hisaishi containing ten additional tracks.

The song "Day of the River" (あの日の川, ano hi no kawa) received the 56th Mainichi Film Competition Award for Best Music, the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2001 Best Music Award in the Theater Movie category, and the 16th Japan Gold Disk Award for Animation Album of the Year. Joe Hisaishi later wrote lyrics for the song "One Summer's Day" (あの夏へ, ano natsu e) and released it as a new version named "The Name of Life" (いのちの名前, inochi no namae) performed by Ayaka Hirahara.


Track # Title Duration
1 One Summer's Day (あの夏へ, ano natsu e) 3:09
2 A Road to Somewhere (とおり道, toori michi) 2:07
3 The Empty Restaurant (誰もいない料理店, dare mo inai ryōriten) 3:15
4 Nighttime Coming (夜来る, yoru kuru) 2:00
5 The Dragon Boy (竜の少年, ryū no shōnen) 2:12
6 Sootballs (ボイラー虫, boirā mushi) 2:33
7 Procession of the Gods (神さま達, kamisama-tachi) 3:00
8 Yubaba (湯婆婆, yubaaba) 3:30
9 Bathhouse Morning (湯屋の朝, yuya no asa) 2:02
10 Day of the River (あの日の川, ano hi no kawa) 3:13
11 It's Hard Work (仕事はつらいぜ, shigoto wa tsuraize) 2:26
12 The Stink God (おクサレ神, okusaregami) 4:01
13 Sen's Courage (千の勇気, sen no yūki) 2:45
14 The Bottomless Pit (底なし穴, sokonashi ana) 1:18
15 Kaonashi (カオナシ, kaonashi) 3:47
16 The Sixth Station (6番目の駅, roku banme no eki) 3:38
17 Yubaba's Panic (湯婆婆狂乱, yubaaba kyōran) 1:38
18 The House at Swamp Bottom (沼の底の家, numa no soko no ie) 1:29
19 Reprise (ふたたび, futatabi) 4:53
20 The Return (帰る日, kaeru hi) 3:20
21 Always with Me (いつも何度でも, itsumo nando demo) 3:35

Image Album

Track # Title Length
1 To That Day's River (あの日の川へ, ano hi no kawa e) 3:54
2 Night Is Coming (夜が来る, yoru ga kuru) 4:25
3 Gods (神々さま, kamigami-sama) 3:55
4 Bathhouse (油屋, yuya) 3:56
5 The People in Wonderland (不思議の国の住人, fushigi no kuni no jyūnin) 3:20
6 Lonely lonely (さみしいさみしい, samishii samishii) 3:41
7 Solitude (ソリチュード, sorichūdo) 3:49
8 The Sea (海, umi) 3:22
9 White Dragon (白い竜, shiroi ryū) 3:33
10 Chihiro's Waltz (千尋のワルツ, chihiro no warutsu) 3:20
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