Spirited Away Image Album (千と千尋の神隠し イメージアルバム, Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi Image Album) is an album released on Apr 04, 2001. It features the soundtrack of Spirited Away. It was released shortly after the Spirited Away Soundtrack and contains ten unique tracks composed and/or organized by Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi.

Track Listing

# Track Title Length
01 To the River of that Day
( あの日の川へ, Ano Hi no Kawa e)
02 The Night is Coming
(夜が来る, Yoru ga Kuru)
03 Gods
(神々さま, Kamigami-sama)
04 Yuya
(油屋, Aburaya)
05 People in the Wonderland
(不思議の国の住人, Fusigi no Kuni no Juunin)
06 I'm Lonely, Lonely
(さみしい さみしい, Samishii, Samishii)
07 Solitude
(ソリチュード, Solitude)
08 Sea
(海, Umi)
09 White Dragon
(白い竜, Shiroi Ryuu)
10 Chihiro's Waltz
(千尋のワルツ, Chihiro no Waltz)


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