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Swamp Bottom is a location in the Spirit Realm seen in the film Spirited Away. Chihiro travels here via the Sea Railway from the Bathhouse train platform.


Swamp Bottom is the sixth stop the train Chihiro takes from the Bathhouse. Travelers arrive at the Swamp Bottom station platform with the clock post. Zeniba, Yubaba's twin sister, resides in a small cottage farm behind a thicket. She has the Hopping Lantern assist visitors traveling to her home, as unlike her sister, Zeniba uses magic on inanimate objects.

Chihiro Ogino, accompanied by Boh, Yubaba's Bird and No-Face, meet Zeniba to return her sigil. The magic seal was originally stolen by Haku, who had been under Yubaba's magical control. Chihiro apologize to her on behalf of Haku, and is handed a hair-band charm for her trouble.

Zeniba's Cottage

Down by the swamp is Zeniba's home and farm.