Tedus is a coastal military fortification in Laputa: Castle in the Sky. When Sheeta and Pazu are captured by the military, they are taken to Tedus. The fort is later partially destroyed by an ancient Laputian robot Sheeta inadvertently summons.


The fort appears to have been built within the remains of an old castle, as exemplified by the presence of stone towers and parapets typical of medieval European-style architecture. There are several domed canons surrounding the fort on towers, as well as anti-tank obstacles scattered across key points of elevation on the fortification's lower tier.

Within the fort are a conference room, bedrooms (at least one of which we know of, as it is where Sheeta stays), tower holding cell (where Pazu is held) and a central tower, as well as a small internal tramway and elevator. The fort also appears to have been fitted at least partially for use of electricity.


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