• Hello, MechQueste.

    It recently came to my attention that a user named Ugo.lam.37 had vandalized some articles on the Ghibli Wiki. I came to contact you on this because Ghibli Wiki isn't the only wiki that got hit by his doing; One of the wikis I manages, the Taiko no Tatsujin Wiki, had also got hit by his vandalism, and I immediately blocked him for 6 months a moment ago, as he was previously blocked for 3 months for the same offense.

    Because this is a cross-wiki vandalism, I suggest that you should report him to the VSTF staff.

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    • Hello Yuuyatails, I've handed him a block. I've also taken care of some of his images as they were low quality. However, i would not say its vandalism. They are well intended but completely lacking in competence. As a result, VSTF will not block. Hope this helps. and thanks for letting me know.

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