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To My (Younger) Sister (妹へ Imōto e?) is a six-page graphic poem.


Written from a boy's point of view, this manga is in the form of a poem. It tells a story about a dream the boy has in which he and his sick twin sister fly and travel around the world, and he can bring happiness to his sister.


  • Miyazaki Hayao, Otsuka Yasuo no Sekai (The Worlds of Hayao Miyazaki and Yasuo Otsuka)
    • 1982, Office Action, 4500 yen. A book about early works of Miyazaki and his colleague, Yasuo Otsuka. It is hard to find this book today.
  • Kinejun Mukku Film Makers 6, Miyazaki Hayao (Kinejun Mook Film Makers 6 - Hayao Miyazaki)
    • 1999, Kinema Jumposha, ISBN 4-87276-511-0, 1,600 yen. Black and white reprint of the original color version.

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