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"Trust in your spirit! That same spirit is what makes me paint, and makes your friend bake... But we each need to find our own inspiration."
—Ursula to Kiki

Ursula (ウルスラ , Urusura) is a character in the film, Kiki's Delivery Service. She is voiced by Minami Takayama in Japanese version, Edie Mirman in Streamline version and Janeane Garofalo in Disney version.


Ursula has taupe hair, and usually wears an amaranth red sleeveless shirt and jean shorts that are jagged at the ends. She also wears a straw hat when she ventures out into the city., She also has a yellow nightgown.

She always wears open-toed footwear (either flip-flops or sandals), and likes to go barefoot as well.


Ursula is a bright young woman who adores painting and lives in the middle of the forest in a log cabin. Kiki meets her while attempting to retrieve a stuffed cat she dropped while flying overhead on her broomstick. She ultimately helps Kiki out of her melancholia.

Behind the Scenes

Before she was named Ursula, she was simply known as 'The Woman' and 'Bird Lady'. Hayao Miyazaki elaborated on her role in the film, "What Kiki really needs right now is a supportive friend who'll visit her and understand her dilemmas. Meeting someone like that is more important than her vocation status."

"I really like Ursula. I was very concerned about the sound of her voice. Minami Takayama, the actress who played Kiki, was first assigned to do Ursula. Doing double duty wasn't easy for her, but we really wanted her for both parts," added Miyazaki.[1]

"She looks best when she's going through difficult times. Of course her happy face is appealing too, but it's important to emphasize her depth of character for both sides. Ursula wants to be Kiki's role model when she sees how dispirited Kiki is."[2]


  • Father (unnamed)
  • Kiki (friend)
  • Pied crows (wild pets/best friend)




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