Panda-Nin Panda-Nin 9 December 2018

Shared images - This wiki gets a bunch of new images

The shared images repository is activated for this wiki. You can use images from the German wiki without uploading new stuff.

The German images don't show up in the image gallery. You find the images in the German wiki on category pages and voice cast pages. For Spirited Away you find the images on w:c:de.ghibli:Kategorie:Chihiros Reise ins Zauberland. And then scroll down.

You can embed German images like you usually do with images of this wiki. For ' you get:

It may helps to find the German movie title on the page w:c:de.ghibli:Ghibli-Werke.

I know many English teacher said the German languages is similar to English one. But still German writing looks "awkward". I promise German sounds not good at all. I mean "Ich liebe dich" don't sound roma…

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