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Yoshio Onodera (小野寺 善雄 Onodera Yoshio) is a supporting character of From Up on Poppy Hill film. He is a sea captain and old friends of Umi's and Shun's parents.


Yoshio wears a captain uniform with sailor captain hat. Without the hat, he has brown hair.

Role in the story

Despite his small minor role, Yoshio plays a crucial part regarding to Umi and Shun's relationship together. When the two students went to visit him after Shun's adoptive father and Umi's mother meet up to discuss about their possible relation, Yoshio tells them everything that has happened such as how Shun's biological father passed away, and entrusted the infant Shun to him, which means that Shun and Umi aren't related by blood. Therefore allowing the two to pursue a relationship without worrying.


Little is known about Yoshio's personality but as shown during his role in the story, he is an honest man who reveals the truth about Umi and Shun's fathers which allows them to start dating together. In addition, he is a respectful man who wishes to honor his friends as a ship captain.

Voice Actor

Yoshio Onodera was portrayed by Takashi Naito who appears in Spirited Away as Chihiro's father. He was voiced by Bruce Dern in 2012 English dub by GKIDS.